New January 2020 RSS feed for public list New January 2020 10,000 BC / by Emmerich, Roland. 2001 : by Kubrick, Stanley. A god in ruins / by Atkinson, Kate. A man for all seasons / by Zinnemann, Fred. A.I. artificial intelligence / by Spielberg, Steven. Adventure Inc. : by Biehn, Michael. After Earth / by Shyamalan, M. Night. Aliens, abductions and extraordinary sightings : by Various. America the beautiful / by Zappa, Moon Unit. American gospel : by Kimber, Brandon. Arthur & Merlin / by Van Belle, Marco. Asylum / by Roux, Madeline. Avatar the last airbender : by DiMartino, Michael Dante. Barefoot in the park / by Saks, Gene. Batman : by West, Adam. Batman begins / by Nolan, Christopher. Batman forever / by Schumacher, Joel. Battlestar Galactica : by Larson, Glen A. Becket / by Glenville, Peter. Beyond the movie : by Kors, Lisa. Black cobra, Black cobra II / by Williamson, Fred. Blackbeard / by Macfadyen, Angus. Brave / by Andrews, Mark. brown girl dreaming / by Woodson, Jacqueline. Casting into the light : by Messineo, Janet. Clash of the titans / by Davis, Desmond. Clawback : by Jance, J. A. Conspiracy in death / by Robb, J.D. Cowboy / by Davidson, Sara. Cromwell / by Hughes, Ken. Cross my heart and hope to spy / by Carter, Ally. Crusade : Dark horse / by Daniels, B. J. Darkwater truth / by Caroll. Robin. Death rattle / by Lynch, Sean. Ellery Queen mysteries / by Hogan, James P.. Enemy mine / by Petersen, Wolfgang. Ever after : by Tennant, Andy. Family collection : by Various. Family collection 4 movies : by Various. Finding Neverland / by Forster, Marc. First knight / by Zucker, Jerry. For the love of the game / by Raimi, Sam. George Washington's secret six : by Kilmeade, Brian. Great cinema classics : by Various. Hang 'em high / by Eastwood, Clint. Hereditary / by Aster, Air. High school musical / by Ortega, Kenny. Hindsight / by Johansen, Iris. Holiday in death / by Robb J. D. Hope and glory / by Boorman, John. I still dream about you / by Flagg, Fannie. Immortal in death / by Robb, J. D. Incident on a dark street / by Kulik, Buzz. Iron giant / by Bird, Brad. Iron man / by Favreau Jon. Jack Palance : by Palance, Jack. John Carter / by Stanton, Andrew. Journey to the center of the Earth / by Williams, Treat. Lake season / by Hunter, Denise. Legend of Cougar Canyon / by Kasper, Holger. Mac on a hot tin roof / by Metz, Melinda. Maleficent / by Stromberg, Robert. Mars needs moms / by Wells, Simon. Memories of glass / by Dobson, Melanie. Metropolis / by Lang, Fritz. Mighty Joe Young / by Underwood, Ron. Monster house / by Zemeckis, Robert. Mudbound / by Jordan, Hillary. Mysterious island / by Mulcahy, Russell. Night at the museum: by Levy, Shawn. Numb3rs / by Falacci, Nicolas. Of mice and men / by Steinbeck, John. Overlord / by Avery, Julius. Oz the great and powerful / by Raimi, Sam. Paper towns / by Green, John. Penguins of Madagascar / Pharaoh's army / by Henson, Robby. Pirates of the Caribbean : by Verbinski, Gore. Pride & prejudice / by Wright, Joe. Ransom Canyon : by Thomas, Jodi. Red grass / by Young, Carter Travis. Redeemed / by Cast, P. C. Resistance / by Shreve, Anita. Return to Nim's island / by Maher, Brendan. Ride into trouble / by Stone, R. W.. Road to Zanzibar / by Schertzinger, Victor. Robin Hood / by Irvin, John. Rose under fire / by Wein, Elizabeth. Safe within / by Page, Jean Reynolds. Sahara / by Eisner, Breck. Santa cruise / by Clark, Mary Higgins. Sci-Fi classics : by Carradine, John. Sci-Fi invasion : by Price, Vincent. Seconds to live / by Sleeman, Susan. Secrets of the chocolate house / by Brackston, Paula. Seeing red / by Brown, Sandra. Shadow prey / by Sandford, John. Sherlock Holmes : by Ritchie, Guy. Simply love / by Anderson, Catherine. Sisters like us / by Mallery, Susan. Soylent green / by Fleischer, Richard. Springwater wedding by Miller, Linda Lael. Star Trek : by Abrams, J.J. Star trek / by Abrams, J.J. Star Wars : by Lucas, George. Stardust / by Vaughn, Matthew. Stargate : by Cooper, Robert C.. Stargate : by Wood, Martin. Stargate SG-1 / by Glassner, Jonathan. Superman returns / by Singer, Bryan. Tales of the Gold Monkey : by Bellisario, Donald P.. The 10th kingdom / by Williams-Paisley,Kimberly. The 5th wave / by Blakeson, J. The adventures of Robin Hood / by Greene, Richard. The animatrix / by Chung, Peter. The astronaut farmer / by Polish, Michael. The Avengers / by Whedon, Joss. The bear / by Annaud, Jean-Jacques. The bishop's wife / by Koster, Henry. The bourbon king : by Batchelor, Bob. The Christmas spirits on Tradd Street / by White, Karen. The Cisco kid : by Renaldo, Duncan. The curse of King Tut's tomb / by Mulcahy, Russell. The dentist from the Black Lagoon / by Thaler, Mike. The duellists / by Scott, Ridley. The far country / by Mann, Anthony. The fault in our stars / by Green, John. The geometry of sisters / by Rice, Luanne. The glass kitchen / by Lee, Linda Francis. The gypsy warriors / by Antonio, Lou. The hunger games : by Lawrence, Francis. The hunger games / by Ross, Gary. The hunters / by Ganatra, Nisha. The lady and the highwayman / by Hough, John. The last airbender / by Shyamalan, M. Night. The last emperor / by Bertolucci, Bernardo. The last Templar / by Antaki, Joseph. The light of Paris / by Brown, Eleanor. The lion in winter / by Harvery, Anthony. The man from Colorado / by Trimble, Louis. The man who shot Liberty Valance / by Ford, John. The McMasters ; Medusa / by Kjellin, Alf. The midnight line : by Child, Lee. The mummy : by Cohen, Rob. The night tiger / by Choo, Yangsze. The odyssey / by Assante, Armand. The Osiris child / by Abbess, Shane. The other Windsor girl / by Blalock, Georgie. The pretender : by Long Mitchell, Steven. The prince of Persia : by Newell, Mike. The Ray Bradbury theater / by Levy, Eugene. The secrets of Rosa Lee / by Thomas, Jodi. The seven year hitch / by May, Bradford. The shape of night / by Gerritsen, Tess. The sorcerer's apprentice / by Turteltaub, Jon. The thief lord / by Claus, Richard. The three stooges : by Howard, Moe. The time machine / by Wells, Simon. The treasure of the Sierra Madre / by Huston, Jon. Thread and buried / by Wait, Lea. Threshold / by Schut, Bragi F.. Time changer / by Christiano, Rich. Timeline / by Donner, Richard. Tin man / by Deschanel, Zooey. True grit / by Hathaway, Henry. Tunnel vision / by Braver, Gary. UFOs and aliens / Uncle Buck / by Hughes, John. V : by Badler, Jane. Vanish : by Gerritsen, Tess. War room : by Kendrick, Alex. Welcome to Harmony / by Thomas, Jodi. White collar / by Eastin, Jeff. X-Men : by Singer, Bryan.