New July 2020 RSS feed for public list New July 2020 A reasonable doubt / by Margolin, Phillip. Chasing the white lion / by Hannival, James R. Death by chocolate frosted doughnut : by Graves, Sarah. Fair warning / by Connelly, Michael Highway of tears : by McDiarmid, Jessica. Matchmaking can be murder : by Flower, Amanda. No name : by Wheeler, Richard S. Revenge / by Patterson, James Rope burn : by Johnstone, William W. Selah / by Bergren, Lisa T. Starfish pier: by Hannon, Irene. The 20th victim / by Patterson, James The cholla kid / by Cole, Jackson. The German house / by Hess, Annette. The Jerusalem assassin / by Rosenberg, Joel C. The last train to London : by Clayton, Meg Waite. The life and afterlife of Harry Houdini / by Posnanski, Joe. The redeemed : by Pears, Tim. Trail's end / by Raine, William MacLeod. Walk the wire / by Baldacci, David