New September 2020 RSS feed for public list New September 2020 A pack of predators : by Soper, S. I. Children of the stars / by Escobar, Mario. Flight risk / by Putman, Cara. If for any reason / by Walsh, Courtney. Massacre at whip station : by Richards, Dusty. Murder on Pleasant Avenue : by Thompson, Victoria. Rust : by Goldbach, Eliese Colette. Stirrup brother / by Wilson, Cherry. The last passenger / by Finch, Charles. The light after the war : by Abriel, Anita. The maƱana kid / by Hilton, Francis W. The secrets of love story bridge / by Patrick, Phaedra. The tubman command / by Cobbs, Elizabeth. The water keeper / by Martin, Charles. Tranquility falls / by Bunn, Davis.