New January 2021 RSS feed for public list New January 2021 A thousand Texas longhorns by Boggs, Johnny D. Bronte's Mistress by Austin, Finola. Burden of proof by Bunn, Davis. Devil's due by Clay, James. In the lion's den by Bradford, Barbara Taylor. Love and a little white lie by Gray, Tammy L. Meghan and Harry by Campbell, Lady Colin. Mimi Lee reads between the lines by Chow, Jennifer J. Minutes to die by Sleeman, Susan. Miss Janie's girls by Brown, Carolyn. One for the books by McKinlay, Jenn. Owls of the eastern ice by Slaght, Jonathan C. Piecing it all together by Gould, Leslie. Shootout at Sioux Wells by Farrell, Cliff. The view from here by McKinnon, Hannah. The Yukon trail by Raine, William MacLeod.