New October 2020 RSS feed for public list New October 2020 A private cathedral / by Burke, James Lee. Big summer / by Weiner, Jennifer. Charade / by Brown, Sandra. Criss cross / by Patterson, James. Fairest / by Talusan, Meredith, For love and country / by Waters, Candace. Grand Mesa / by Elston, Allan Vaughan Land of wolves / by Johnson, Craig. Mimi Lee gets a clue / by Chow, Jennifer J. Mirror image / by Brown, Sandra. No peace / by Best, James D. Of literature & lattes / by Reay, Katherine Pray for death / by Johnstone, William W. Pulse / by Francis, Felix. So the next generation will know : by McDowell, Sean. The friendship list / by Mallery, Susan. The hatching / by Boone, Ezekiel. The Jane Austen society / by Jenner, Natalie. The joy of falling / by Harrel, Lindsay The lady's handbook for her mysterious illness / by Ramey, Sarah. The liberation of Brigid Dunne / by Scanlan, Patricia. The misadventures of Nero Wolfe : by Pachter, Josh The story of more : by Jahren, Hope. The time of Jacob's trouble / by VanLiere, Donna. The western star / by Johnson, Craig. To sleep in a sea of stars / by Paolini, Christopher. Tough in the saddle / by Ballard, Todhunter Wildflower heart / by Greene, Grace.