New February 2021 RSS feed for public list New February 2021 A lady's guide to mischief and murder / by Freeman, Dianne Arizona ranger / by Leslie, A. Scott Brave girl, quiet girl / by Hyde, Catherine Ryan. Cobble hill : by Von Ziegesar, Cecily. Colors of truth : by Alexander, Tamera. Expedition Deep ocean : by Young, Josh. Luck and a horse / by Brand, Max Magic lessons / by Hoffman, Alice. Murder in the east end : by Ashley, Jennifer. Murder in the storybook cottage / by Adams, Ellery Outlaw's son / by Adams, Clifton. Point of danger / by Hannon, Irene. Remember me : by Escobar, Mario. She come by it natural : by Smarsh, Sarah. The cul-de-sac war / by Ferguson, Melissa. To avenge a ranger / by Griffin, James Water well drilling with cable tools / by Gordon, Raymond W.